Tenure Track Coaching

To succeed in academia, you need three things:

1. Know-how. Although some academic disciplines actually ARE rocket science (or brain surgery, for that matter), the elements of a faculty position that most often trip you up are not. While work flow, administration, planning, and systems all have room for creativity, there are things that work and things that don’t. It helps if you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.
2. Clarity about what you need to be doing. With clarity, decision-making becomes obvious. We can help you define your goals and establish strategies and measurable objectives to support progress toward your vision.
3. Publication. Writing, early and often and well.

You didn’t get to where you are today without having a pretty good grasp of each element individually. What you may not have is a clear system for integrating new responsibilities with new opportunities in the face of a brisk dead line. How will you get it all done?

After a conversation about your goals and challenges, we start with an assessment of your current work systems. We can make recommendations, which may include classes for your group or department, often delivered as a casual lunch-and-learn. We will help you develop a simple one-page plan for your first year or two of work, which includes your vision for your work, the strategies to get that work done, and measurable objectives to both show progress and provide an early warning of possible difficulty. If managing large amounts of diverse data and references, either digital or analog, is an issue, we can help design an indexed filing system that will allow you (and your group) to find content, where ever it is stored (presuming accurate meta-tagging).

Once the essential structure is in place, we provide on-going support in the form of regularly-scheduled calls or in-person meetings, depending on availability and geography.

Our tenure track support services are available for $3325 the first year (payable as a one-time $1500 investment at the beginning of our work together, followed by the  monthly rate after the first month) and $175/month thereafter.