Contract problem solving

Earlier this year, Naomi Dunford, marketing wizard at Ittybiz, wrote a blog post about solving problems:

I cannot think of one problem that can’t be solved by this solution: “Work more hours than the average factory worker.”

It certainly struck a chord with me. I changed the way I spent time, and my business changed.

Small business owners in my circle readily see the truth in the statement. However, they also see the truth in their own businesses: when you have a business, it can take more than a month of Sundays to string 168 hours together to solve a problem. You’re already working your tail off.

Most small business owners are lucky if they can get 5 hours a week to “work on their business,” and that’s only the stuff they know they have to work on, let alone the really big questions looming down the road, the questions that take time to figure out and even more time to implement.

  • You know you need to do marketing differently, so you probably need to hire a marketing consultant. But who? and how? What’s strategy and what’s tactics?
  • You know you need to hire, but you barely know where to start. Job descriptions, the law, discrimination, benefits? and that’s all before you interview.
  • How do you build a “membership site?”
  • Would Pay Per Click advertising work for your business
  • Your friend lost a summer’s worth of lawn mowing budget when the contractor disappeared. How do you know you can trust the people who have access to your books

That’s where Red Tuxedo comes in. I can solve a lot of the problems you don’t have time to look at. Most of the time, I’ll research the question, write recommendation, and provide you with a process to follow to implement the answer into your business. Some of the time, I can manage the process for you. It depends on what you need. Give me a call–the initial consultation is free.