Marketing Plans for Lawyers

Marketing Plans for Lawyers and CPAs

If you’re a professional in a small or solo practice, it can be overwhelming to figure out everything you need to do to bring clients into your firm, while at the same time taking care of the clients you have.  I can help you develop a plan that works for you, given your personal inclination, strengths, and habits; a plan that doesn’t require you to become something you’re not but still helps strong producers become effective rainmakers.

Typical marketing plans for lawyers in small practices include:

  • Development of a message that will attract your ideal client and distinguish your practice from other in your specialty
  • Creation of a first product / audio / white paper / information resource (ideally, a book, but you can start smaller) that will demonstrate your expertise to your target clients and help build your list
  • Plans for building a collection of special reports and booklets that demonstrate your specialty knowledge
  • Documentation of your marketing and sales process funnels so that you know how to follow up on a lead at each stage of the prospect’s need for your services, and you don’t waste time with people whose needs would be better met by a different firm
  • Development of an on-going contact plan (newsletter, mail, blog) to keep in touch with prospects and clients
  • Plans for acquiring effective testimonials for your reception area and website
  • Identification of target-rich marketing activities where you can meet your ideal clients and people who can refer ideal clients to your practice

Development of a plan usually requires two meetings, about 2 hours for the first, to go over your requirements, and an hour for the second, to go over the plan.  If you are in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina (also Sanford and Southern Pines, BTW), I can meet in your office; otherwise, we can meet by phone.