How it works

To solve a process bottleneck or turn a tangled pile of important information into a useful product, you need three things:

  • time
  • skill
  • tools

Many professionals find it hard to get significant blocks of time away from the work that keeps revenue flowing in the practice.  Although you worked hard to master the domain knowledge needed to succeed in your field, you may  not have studied m/any of the domains of knowledge management, indexing, taxonomy, or process design.  Finally, the world of information management has its own tools and technology, changing just as much as the tools you use in your practice.

What we do is sit with you and/or your staff, observe the current situation, interview people who have a stake in the situation, understand the desired outcome, and design a tool, system, or dashboard that solves the problem.  In addition, we’ll train the people who are affected by the change and provide “staying changed” support so that your system will work at least as well, if not better, a year from now as it does today.

Finally, if the question at hand is a straightforward “straighten this out and let me know how to use the information,” we can supply contract thinking, outlining, taxonomy, indexing (with or without filing), dashboards, or any of a number of other deliverables, depending on the nature of the assignment.

If you would like to talk, give me a call. I’m local to Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC, and regularly attend a number of networking events in the area, where we could meet. I also work virtually with clients around the world.