Review: Organizing For a Living

How to Build a Profitable Career as a Professional Organizer To quote one of the other reviews, “it will save you money because you won’t need any other books about professional organizing!” You also won’t need any other books about being in business, or doing your accounting, or managing your time, or… This is a […]

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Review: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Close Encounters with Addiction Five stars for the hard science and experience, three for the recommended treatment? I was drawn into the first 3/4 of this book, wherein the author discusses the realities of street-level, needle addiction, and the current understanding of the neurological basis of addition. Good stuff. Barely put it down. I have […]

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Review: Amazon Basics Packing Cubes

I was completely prepared to say that packing cubes were a waste of time for normal packers; they might be OK for neat freaks. They ARE useful for project toting and storage, however: sewing projects in process, so you can keep all the bits together. Knitting and quilting that needs assembly. And then I packed […]

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What it Took To Create That Post

The skills and tools used to create the posts about Levels of Planning

I knocked out two blog posts in as many days that were helpful to me, and perhaps helpful to anyone reading this website, about planning from ground-level up to 30,000′. I teach social media marketing, and WordPress website development, and I am aware that what we teach does not always translate into students having the […]

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Second Wilhelm

Last August, I was challenged to develop a habit of reading from a book that was written before Gutenberg every day. I didn’t have to think 10 seconds before deciding that the I Ching was the book I would use. I’ve done pretty well; I’ve probably consulted the I Ching at least a hundred and […]

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Review: The Upside of Irrationality

The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Work and at Home Writing as reviewer #31, having written a number of other reviews myself: what is it about this book that virtually all of the reviews thus far, even the negative ones, are multi-paragraph and thoughtful? Usually, by the time a book has 30, we’re seeing […]

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Processing an Idea for Content

What to do when you get struck by an idea for a potential content marketing item.

What do you do when you have an idea for social media or website content? Just like entrepreneurial wannabes who think their ideas are worth millions, it can be hard to know exactly what to do when you have an idea that could be useful content marketing material, if only you knew what to do […]

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Happiness and the $300 couch

Asking $325; will adjust price if it doesn't sell.

How people think themselves into unhappiness and how to think yourself out of it I heard a couple talking as I walked around the thrift shop the other day: “Well that’s an ugly couch. I wouldn’t want that in my home. Holy smokes! They want $300 for that thing? Who’s going to pay $300 for […]

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Glue it up!

You see things differently when it's all on one page.

Glue up your spreadsheets, that is. Glue sticks.  Simple product, magic effects.  How did we ever manage before they were invented?  (For that matter, do you remember life before post-it notes?  You can even buy post-it note glue sticks…) A boatload of years ago, before the internet but after spreadsheets were invented, I worked on […]

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Notes from The Politics of Food, Yale

Found some notes on my desk that need to be processed and today is not the day to process this note all the way into an article. These are six steps that “society” has followed in the path from “bad habit” to eradication via public policy. (Heard this in the Yale Politics of Food course; […]

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