80/20: The Next Round

In July, I wrote about cutting a bolt of fabric into three equal lengths, draping it over an existing curtain rod, and calling the “make curtains for the guest room project” DONE.  However, there was that fringe-y bit.

Even more eventually, I’d love to buy and apply the beaded fringe from the Cloth Barn discount store.  The 4.5 yards of trim this window needs would cost about $45; it would take several hours to apply.  You can see a test swatch of the beading in the picture of the full window, in the far window at the sill.

In December, I gave in and bought the fringe.  I got used to “good enough,” and wanted a little bit more.  I had some time over the holidays; thought it wouldn’t take too long to sew two lines of stitching to attach the fringe to the edge of the fabric.  Planned to use Fray Check to seal the edge against unraveling; that would save a whole series of steps involved in hemming.

It turned out what we thought was Fray Check was actually Liquid Stitch, a textile glue.  Instead of 100 pins and two rows of stitching, all I had to do was lay a bead of glue on the end of the fabric, press the ribbon band of the fringe into the glue, and wait 24 hours for the glue to dry.

It’s not 100% as pretty as it would have been had I stitched the trim to the curtains.  But it’s at least 80% as pretty, on way less than 20% of the time.

Beaded fringe attached to sheer curtains with fabric glue.

Beaded fringe attached to sheer curtains with fabric glue.

(The other end of the curtains remains to be finished; we’re deciding how the entire window treatment assembly will be hung and may change the rods. That will change the length. Plan to trim even with the baseboard and use real Fray Check on that end of the sheers.)



80/20 Curtains in the Guest Bedroom

New sheers in the guest bedroom.

(This is a bit off my normal topics on this blog, but hang with me.  The drapery lesson works for productivity readers, too.) I’ve been studying how the 80/20 rule can be applied to productivity, and to participation on social media platforms, and in other parts of life, for a while now.  Today, a Saturday […]

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Pinterest Board Ideas for a Craft Brewery

Four Saints Brewing Company, Asheboro, NC

(Recommend minimum 10 boards, 10 pins on each board) Our Beer (Brews):  pictures of each of the different beers in a mug. Put the name of the beer in the image, as well as in the pin description. Our Brewery:  pictures of the brewery and staff Asheboro Eats:  pins of local restaurants; use a Map […]

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Marketing with Pinterest at the MIAR Convention, Mt. Pleasant, MI

I was invited to teach Marketing with Pinterest to REALTORS attending the 2013 MIAR convention at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant, MI.  The course focused much more on MARKETING than Pinterest, and then also with a focus on real estate.  Changed over all of the examples in the presentation. We set […]

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Spoliation and Social Media

IANAL, but I am a bit of a junky and can follow a certain amount of legal argument.  I found this story today: Think Before You Facebook: Emerging Social Media Spoliation Sanctions Actually, it should be titled, “think before you (delete) Facebook.” If you can’t bear to read legal argument, here’s the layperson’s (IANAL) understanding: […]

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How to Select a Networking Group

Two months ago, I was invited to my first BNI meeting. I knew about the organization and had even been invited to join a new group. At that time, I declined the offer to join because was too big of a commitment on a day of the week that was already full. My thinking changed […]

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Quiet: The Power of Introverts

Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking. Susan Cain.

Oh Lord, I loved this book. Full disclosure: lifetime INFP; which I’ve known since 1987. Happy with it; no plans to change or “develop the other half of myself.” (A psychologist friend tells me Jung intended the system to help you know what you needed to work on. After reading Quiet, the thought flashed across […]

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Linking Pinterest and Facebook without a Website

Woobox's Pinterest app installed on Affordable Chic's Facebook page.

One of my clients asked if it was possible to link her business Facebook page to her Pinterest account without having to set up a website. She’s doing very well in Facebook and doesn’t want the hassle of paying for and maintaining a website as well. At the time, I didn’t have a good answer. […]

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So Good They Can’t Ignore You: the Book

Be So Good They Can't Ignore You cover photograph

Lots of baby went out with this bathwater. I found Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You, by Cal Newport, at the Wake County Library new book shelf last week. Picked it up. Easy enough read; can’t say I read each and every word because many of them made pretty much the same point: Passion […]

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The story behind Instagram

The June 2013 issue of Vanity Fair included a story about the start up and sale of Instagram, The Money Shot, by Kara Swisher, pages 76-82.  If you like business stories, read the whole thing.  Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger, and sold to Facebook for $1B. If you simply don’t understand […]

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