Shearon Harris on Instagram

When I started teaching social media, we talked about Instagram and couldn’t really see how to use it for business. I created an account, simply to have my hand in the game. I decided to post pictures of the cooling tower, which I pass every time I go to Raleigh. It’s visible from all over the Triangle, all the way to Smithfield, if you know what and where to look.

Some other images show up in the feed from time to time. Industrial plants, like the Moncure Plywood plant. A factory on the James River in Richmond, VA.

The picture of the F15s on the runway is available from Karen’s Custom Framing in Goldsboro, NC. The picture was taken during a war games exercise. I count 80 planes on the runway. I have spent a lot of years in and around America’s military, but much of the time, photography was or is not allowed.

Posting regularly got me in the habit of using Instagram. It’s been a useful exercise.

On a more colorful note, I also maintain an Instagram account for art of a different kind, at Karen Tiede Studio.

Review: Drug Dealer, MD

Drug Dealer, MD, by Anna Lembke I needed to know more about the current situation with pain meds and street drugs; now I know more than I did. This book is an easy read and covers a lot of ground. It was engaging and drew me in to the subject. I wish it had covered […]

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Shopify Traffic

Shopify Traffic Message

I opened my Shopify store, Karen Tiede Studio, in March. I was pleasantly surprised to log in yesterday and see this message on my dashboard: I need to do more research to see if I can find a few more anchor points. I know that half of all the stores that are started, are published […]

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Dragontree Planner Review

Selected pages from the Dragontree Planner.

I collect planners. More hope is sold in the planner aisle at Staples than at Max Factor… The NEXT planner will solve my problems…. the NEXT planner will make me organized. (Heck, I get as much benefit from last year’s calendars as I do from a new planner; they all have value. Often, I don’t […]

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Knitters Do Math

Working on Ring 7, with 24 hearts, in gold mohair.

I had my hula hoops in the infield at the 2016 Clyde Fest, Bynum ballpark, on Saturday. When you’re in a 10 x 10 tent at an event like this, lots of your friends will stop by and talk to you. I got on the topic of 8020 with one of my friends. He was […]

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What did I come here for?

What did I come in here to do?

Once more, with feeling. You go into Facebook for some business reason. It’s your job. You see something in the feed… you click… and five minutes later, you need a string or a trail of breadcrumbs to figure out what it was you were actually supposed to be doing. I need to write stickies to […]

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80/20 on Tech

ViewSonic monitor, installed.

I needed to install a new monitor so I could test it and write a review.  Using a stand-alone monitor meant I needed a separate keyboard; couldn’t use the one on my laptop.  Bought the keyboard.  Tested it.  Fine. Opened the monitor box; carefully slid the Styrofoam packing out of the cardboard and onto the […]

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Keep Your Enemies Closer

Wake Up Wednesday PM at the Pittsboro Roadhouse

(Admitted, I spend too much time on Quora, and now I’m trying to at least get some business value from that time.) Last week, I saw this question: Am I right to remove competitors from a company event? No, dear heart, you are not right. My answer: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. […]

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2 @ 21 <> 1 @ 42

Business Plans from Jenkins MIE 410

Several friends met on Thursday to listen to presentations from undergraduate business majors in the NCSU Jenkins School of Management, MIE 410: Business Opportunity Analysis class, aka “Pitching.” It’s fun. Today, on Quora, I found this question:  What is your advice for two 21 year old entrepreneurs? This is easy.  My answer: In short?  You need a […]

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Facebook Image Layouts

Layout defaults for images attached to Facebook posts: It's all in the aspect ratio of the first image selected.

A client asked me about how Facebook decided how to display images in posts. Sometimes it worked right, and sometimes it didn’t. I had noticed the same thing, but I’m selling products, not running for office, and getting a politician’s pictures displayed correctly is more important. A little bit of research led to Daniel Coleman’s […]

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