Review: Incarceration Nations: A Journey to Justice in Prisons Around the World (Hardcover)

“I loved it” is the wrong lead for a book like this; that said, Incarceration Nations is an excellent book, I’m glad I selected and read it, and it has pointed me on the road to much more reading in the field.

I’ve done a tiny amount of Big Sister work at a women’s prison, and it wore me out. I had no theoretical preparation for the work; recidivism in the group we sponsored was 75%. I had no way to process this experience.

“Most” of the people in prison are not vicious psychopaths; most of them will get out, and many of those will have an incredibly difficult time returning to life outside prison. If you are outside the system entirely, reading Incarceration Nations will shift your perspective toward “what works, and what could be useful.” I hate trying to discuss prison reform with people who have absolutely no experience with any part of the system; at least I can send them to this book now. (Won’t help them, any; but it’s still a reference.)

Review: Where Did The Money Go?

Easy Accounting Basics for the Business Owner Who Hates Numbers I’m in a circle of “accidental” business people, who came to this life through chance or happenstance or some other career decision that didn’t really look like “business” when we made it. I thought the choice I was making looked like “art,” myself, and funny, […]

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Review: Switched On: A Memoir of Brain Change and Emotional Awakening

If you’ve read any of the books written by John Elder Robison or his brother Augusten Burroughs, you’ll want to read Switched On as well. The family saga is remarkable; this is the latest chapter and fascinating. If your life has changed due to brain injury or mental illness and you follow news about new […]

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Review: Your Medical Mind

Best of Groopman’s books, IMO I’ve read Groopman’s other books, and while it’s useful to know about how my doctors make up their minds, it’s much more important to me to understand the factors going on in my conscious and unconscious mind. This also applies to the people-as-patients who are close to me as they […]

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Review: Lost and Found: Unexpected Revelations About Food and Money

It’s not really about “food and money,” it’s about money. However, I can understand that Geneen would link the two. I’ve followed her books on and off over my own path to whatever degree of enlightenment I have today; have had to chuckle at how each “next book” has revealed that the previous book had […]

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Review: Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing

I found this book in the store and read it right there in the aisle. All the way through. Put it back on the shelf thinking, “OK, I know that…” Walked away. Came back. Put the book in my shopping cart (nice bookstore, that, with a cart so you don’t have to lug your books […]

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Review: First Hundred Million: How To Sky Rocket Your Book Sales With Slam Dunk Titles

The First Hundred Million is a charming book, almost scary in its faith and innocence, written in 1927 with no idea that the financial end of the era was looming. You won’t skyrocket your own book’s sales using the titling information in this book–in that much, the one-star reviewer and I are in agreement. However: […]

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Review: Oster BLSTPB-WOR My Blend 250-Watt Blender, Orange

Note: this is my most controversial review; the one that generated the most comments, and the most animated comments, of any I have written. Linking here so I can easily find the review when I talk about it in social media classes about writing product reviews. I am a bad cook. I am one of […]

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Review: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Oh Lord, I loved this book. Full disclosure: lifetime INFP; which I’ve known since 1987. Happy with it; no plans to change or “develop the other half of myself.” (A psychologist friend tells me Jung intended the system to help you know what you needed to work on. After reading Quiet, the thought flashed across […]

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Review: Drug Dealer, MD

Drug Dealer, MD, by Anna Lembke I needed to know more about the current situation with pain meds and street drugs; now I know more than I did. This book is an easy read and covers a lot of ground. It was engaging and drew me in to the subject. I wish it had covered […]

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