23 Ways to Use a Productivity Coach

  1. Arrange your work space to support productivity.
  2. Select a planner / calendar system.
  3. Plan a direction of study or work on a particular question.
  4. Design a system for managing a new responsibility.
  5. Develop a contact management system.
  6. Define an image storage system with useful meta-data.
  7. Forecast and schedule recurring tasks, with a reminder system that works.
  8. Outline a major paper, including research and development work needed.
  9. Convert a chatlist discussion into a book or wiki.
  10. Build a paper and/or digital filing (and finding!) system.
  11. Set up accessible and useful files for active projects.
  12. Diagram processes and effective workflows for daily activities.
  13. Identify and resolve recurring productivity challenges.
  14. Reduce overwhelm.
  15. Manage projects.
  16. Implement systems for to-do list management and mastery.
  17. Tame email.
  18. Institute priorities and decision support systems (saying No, and knowing when and why to say No, or Yes.
  19. Delineate plans for reaching long term goals.
  20. Build or strengthen inventory management systems.
  21. Establish idea management systems.
  22. Reinforce regular review activities.
  23. Evaluate and install tools (physical tools and /or software products) to enhance productivity.