I write.  On this site, I write about using Pinterest for marketing, and various forms of internet marketing, and productivity and business process design and organizing (the productivity kind, not the union or political kind, and other topics that fall into the same sections of the library.

Articles posted on the membership site for my BNI group (RD-08):
How to select a BNI Group
How to customize your LI Profile URL
Customizing a Linkedin Header Image

I post larger pieces of writing here; smaller pieces are usually posted under the Blog heading, and categorized.

What is Pinterest, Anyway?

An article about how to think about Pinterest beyond the crafts-and-recipes stage, particularly if you want to send some of Pinterest’s traffic to your own website.

Looking Under the Keyword Lamppost

We look for our keywords under the keyword lamppost because that’s the only place where there’s enough light to find them.  But it doesn’t help if they are not there.  Pinterest sheds a different kind of light on the keyword story.

Some Accounts to Follow

Interesting and non-obvious ways that some businesses are using Pinterest for marketing.  This is a post about using Pinterest to market Hydraulic repair services.

Skills needed for effective Pinterest marketing

What are the component skills of an effective Pinterest marketer?  If you’re hiring someone for the work, or selecting someone from inside your business to run your boards, consider who has the skills listed in this article.

IANAL: US Copyright Law, for Pragmatic Pinners

A very basic guide to following US Copyright law, as applied to people using Pinterest for marketing.  In short:  use images that have been  posted to the web for marketing purposes.  Don’t steal.

Who should NOT use Pinterest?

Mostly, if you’re convinced your business cannot be represented in images, don’t use Pinterest.  It’s too hard to push string.

Email Marketing vs. a CRM

How to know when you need a standard email application, or a customer relationship management program, or an email marketing system, or all of these tools to manage your communications.

Client Acquisition Metrics

Looking an one business’ annual goals for client acquisition in chart form to see whether current activities will produce the desired outcome.

23 Ways to Use a Productivity Coach

When people ask us, “What do you do?” and “productivity coaching” isn’t enough of an answer, some of the activities in this list of 23 ways to use a productivity coach (actual number in the list may vary…) are what come to mind.

Voice Recognition Software

One woman’s experience with PTVR:  Post Traumatic Voice Recognition software.

Closet Organizing

I don’t do residential organizing (declutturing).  However, I do know a bit about cleaning out closets.  These are my closet organizing ideas.  Take what you like and leave the rest.