Review: Where Did The Money Go?

Easy Accounting Basics for the Business Owner Who Hates Numbers

I’m in a circle of “accidental” business people, who came to this life through chance or happenstance or some other career decision that didn’t really look like “business” when we made it. I thought the choice I was making looked like “art,” myself, and funny, but there’s money at the bottom of that field, if you want to live off your work.

I took accounting in college. I was baffled. I’ve taken accounting classes from the SBA. I was bored. I’ve looked at QuickBooks. I can balance my checkbook, and do my own taxes, and that’s about where my understanding of what happens with money stops. Ellen’s two books are lifesavers for people in my position. I came to her work through “How Much Should I Charge?,” which I think has a more immediate impact to people in service businesses. Although she (being an accounting type) thinks you should have a chart of accounts first, you can actually work the program laid out in HMSIC? first. However, buy the pair. You’ll need WDTMG? soon enough, and why pay two shipping charges?

People who are good at accounting have trouble, in my experience, understanding how foreign the thinking can be to those of us who are fluent in other forms of thinking. If you are fluent in accounting and financial language, you may find this book simplistic. Simply walk away, or buy a caselot and give a copy to all of your clients who go cross-eyed when you try explaining their balance sheet. I have not met a CPA in the real world who can explain money as clearly as WDTMG?

I only wish I had a way to let more people know about this resource.

Where Did the Money Go?” target=”_blank”>Where did the money go?

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