Review: Lost and Found: Unexpected Revelations About Food and Money

It’s not really about “food and money,” it’s about money. However, I can understand that Geneen would link the two. I’ve followed her books on and off over my own path to whatever degree of enlightenment I have today; have had to chuckle at how each “next book” has revealed that the previous book had a bit less of “the answer” than I, at least, recognized while reading.

Lost and Found is the same. Read it, give it a day, and go at it again. If your process is anything like mine, you’ll find they somehow the author inserted a whole lot of new content in the first chapters while you were reading the end of the book. I hardly ever reread books, and almost never twice in a week, but Lost and Found is one that repays more than one pass.

I’ve read them all–Orman, Quinn, Kiyosaki, Dacyzyn, Robins & Dominguez, Ariely, etc etc and so forth. I’ve learned and shifted and can’t say they were useless, and perhaps I had to read them all to follow what Geneen has to say in Lost and Found. I do know that Lost and Found kicked me into a MUCH deeper understanding of where I have blind spots about money than any of the others, mixed metaphor aside.

You could do way worse than spend a little of your tax refund on this book, for sure.


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