Review: Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing

I found this book in the store and read it right there in the aisle. All the way through. Put it back on the shelf thinking, “OK, I know that…” Walked away. Came back. Put the book in my shopping cart (nice bookstore, that, with a cart so you don’t have to lug your books all over).

Ten little rules, LOTS of white space, instant comprehension, and a LIFETIME to learn. “leave out the parts the readers tend to skip.” If only I could do that on the first pass! OR the 23rd!! (and there are my three exclamation points, so I’m all used up for the next 99,800+- words…)

I have Stephen King On Writing. I have Robert Bly. All my books on how to be a better writer serve their purpose. 10 Rules for Writing will go on the shelf next to the others, and I’ll bet it comes down a whole lot more often. When I need to remember that beautiful books and great book design matter. When I need to be reminded that it really is pretty simple. I spend a whole lot more on a whole lot less. Three fancy coffees will leave only weight gain; this little book might actually make a difference in my life.

By the way, the Limited Edition, hardback version, is a delight to experience. Wonderful paper, great printing, fab design. Splurge on this.

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