80/20 on Tech

I needed to install a new monitor so I could test it and write a review.  Using a stand-alone monitor meant I needed a separate keyboard; couldn’t use the one on my laptop.  Bought the keyboard.  Tested it.  Fine.

Opened the monitor box; carefully slid the Styrofoam packing out of the cardboard and onto the bed.  Heart sank.  Parts.  Cables.  Cords.  I understand that comparatively speaking, this is plug-and-play, but still, my heart sank, for a moment.

ViewSonic Monitor and parts in the box.

ViewSonic Monitor and parts in the box.

I’m an artist who worked for a tech giant for 20 years and now teaches social media. I’m not incapable, but you hire me for my art and writing and ability to explain, not for being able to connect things that have to be connected correctly.

My partner, on the other hand, does this stuff for a living. His job involves keeping a serious number of PCs and Very. Big. Monitors. connected and working smoothly, running complicated programs.

“Oh, John!,” I said. “I need some help here!”

Sure, I could have done it. But it would have taken me more than twice as long and left me with a headache. He does this in his sleep, will get to laugh about it at work on Monday, and feels good for being able to play to his long suit.

ViewSonic monitor, installed.

ViewSonic monitor, installed.

80/20 on using talents; problem solved. Here’s the review.

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