How can I use Pinterest? Q&A

Dear Karen,
Thank you for the invitation and information you are offering. I write, and edit.

According to Marketing on Pinterest, Pinterest’s prime users are 25-34 years old and mostly use it in the areas of fashion and crafts sharing.

I am not a Pinterest expert, but I wonder how it could be a marketing tool for me?

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Specifics from your profile below the numbered bit.

I suspect you’ll be pretty good at seeing how your trade can be mapped into Pinterest.

I can show you how the various elements of the Pinterest application can be used to drive traffic to whatever website you point the pin at.

While the bulk of the American users may be younger women, that is only the core. Long tail rules apply. I haven’t worked on the published numbers enough to understand what the 80/20 rule means to the rest of us. More men use it in Europe.

Fast Company, last month, put Ben Silberman on the cover (CEO of Pinterest). They described Pinterest as being the first new form of search since Goggle, and a radically different way TO search. Google can’t solve for “mother’s day gift.” I suspect Pinterest is going to put a huge hole in traditional SEO work.

I have myself seen a Pinterest board in the #2 SERP position for a term I want to own. Not sure how much attention you pay to SEO and so far, I haven’t heard any understanding or acceptance from the professional SEO people I know.

Specifics for your situation:

Re-write and update of Warm Heart Worldwide website, photographs and narrative to build public relations collateral and fundraising materials.

  • Every picture on that site could be on Pinterest, adding a bit of SEO to the captions. The fundraising plea could be on every board, without being too pushy.
  • See Using Pinterest to Raise $
  • Better yet, search on “charities in Pinterest” and follow whatever results look most interesting to you.

Non-fiction and fiction writing for general and academic readers. Blog writer.

  • I have a story that I haven’t used in the class yet about a fiction writer who is sharing / tracking / developing her next book through / using Pinterest boards; increasing engagement with her fan club.
  • Suspect the same would work for non-fiction.

Ongoing research to adapt writing to the social media environment.

  • QED.

Coaching professionals in a variety of fields in ESL.

  • Search for ESL in Pinterest
  • Your board could be one more on that set, and possibly better or more helpful or at least different. I don’t know enough about teaching ESL to know if those boards are useful. (I do know enough about children’s clowning to recognize that most of the “clown” pins were not young-child friendly, and that indicated a wide-open market.)

My “Free Spirit, Tough Mind” tutoring approach engages both right brain (intuitive) and left brain (logical) learning styles.

  • Couldn’t find anything about this and suspect it’s proprietary to you.

Consultant on French Renaissance literary research.

  • Looks like this topic’s pretty bare in Pinterest, which means an interesting board would be a goldmine.

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