Board Ideas for an Artist’s Business Account

Pinterest is a perfect tool for marketing art of all kinds. Many creatives take to it like ducks to water, but a few of my friends have a bit of trouble understanding what else they can pin besides their own work.

The point is to share yourself and your view of the world as an artist. You can share images that inspire you, tools you use, places you go to refresh your idea bank. Feel free to share parts of your personal life, and/but be aware that your art account represents you as an artist. For example, some potters do very well sharing recipes and food information. However, if you’re a painter but not a foodie, you may not want to dip your chip into the great flow of food ideas.

No-one will notice what you don’t pin; they may notice if you pin images that don’t strike them as artistic or representative of who you are.

So here is a list of board ideas for those people who get a little stuck understanding how Pinterest can work:

  • Your art
  • Painting a day
  • Color (a board for each; a board for different types of combinations)(A search on boards about “red,” for example, will show you that artists think about “red” differently than non-artists.)
  • Texture
  • Line
  • Tools
  • Other people’s art
  • Rooms decorated with art (particularly for the functional artists)
  • Gardens / garden art
  • Dogs and/or cats, in images that reflect you as an artist (some consistency recommended)
  • Humor that reflects you as an artist (lots of stuff is funny in Pinterest and I don’t want to share that I think it’s funny with my buying public)
  • How-tos (Videos can be pinned from YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Books that reflect some element of you as an artist (I leave my taste in murder mysteries off this list)
  • Gadgets and technology
  • Local places you get inspired
  • Quotations that inspire you as an artist

Pick 10 ideas from the above list, add 10 pins to each board, and see if you don’t start to understand how Pinterest can present your art to your friends and fans a little differently from Facebook or Twitter.
For more ideas, search Pinterest Accounts for accounts about “Art.” (Purple arrow points to search box in upper left, pick the “pinners” option for search.)



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