Linkedin Endorsements

Linkedin is, in general, not full of LOLs. However, its new “Endorsements” functionality has made me smile more than once. I’ll have to go back to find the one about my best friend and politics. I’ll collect future funnies here.

Jan Swicord

Does Lt Col Jan A Swicord, USA (Retd), USMA’83, know about “Army?”

Here’s another one:

Bob Burridge

Does Bob Burridge Know Art?

Funny how these go by. Some people are obviously endorsible; I worked with them and know they have the skills they claim. Others are claiming (or be associated with) non-obvious skills that make sense for what I know of their profession; fine. Other people are strangers to me (albeiit connections, from one source or another, and I just let them go. ANd a few I don’t like now and never did, so I skip them, too.
And then you get something like this:


No, no, not at all. C’mon, Linkedin, what ELSE would a guy like that do for a living?

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