Why I didn’t buy your program

I just finished listening to the MP3 download of the free webinar you delivered last week, the one in which you promised to tell me how to XYZ in 90 minutes a day.

What’s XYZ, you ask?  Whose program?

It doesn’t matter.  Lotta launch promo; joint venture, shared lists.  You know what you did to promote it.

And so yesterday I’m driving around town and your audio download comes up on my MP3 player, and I have to listen to 10 minutes of “I love me” crap before you get to anything ANYTHING useful.

What’s “I love me?” you ask?

I’m so excited to be here… more than once.  Welcome to Sandy and Jennie and I see Cathy and Cary and Edward from London and Greta from Greece and …  You went on.  And on.  And on.  Now,  I hope for your sake that Sandy and Jennie and Cathy and Cary and Edward and Greta all bought your program, because every name you mentioned made it less likely that I would not.

You didn’t stop there, though.  Every time you conducted a poll during the actual teaching time (38 minutes by the dashboard clock, out of a 60 minute file), you had to read off the names again…  Sally says yes Mark say yes Matthew says I agree! They’re coming in so fast I can’t keep up!

What I agree with is that if your free stuff is half full of junk, your paid content will be too.

OTOH, I’ll agree, you probably did well enough, and you got the audience you wanted, and your class is full, and everyone’s happy joyous and doing the work.  There’s a lot to be said for selecting against people who will be troublesome, or aren’t a good fit for your market.

If that’s what you were trying to achieve, it worked.

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