Guest Posting Pitfalls

I listened to one more call about the wonders of doing guest posts to build blog traffic yesterday, and my head started spinning.  Why is it that the people who sell these how-to programs always use examples in the big traffic fields of personal finance and (wait for it) BLOGGING?!?

Getting a guest post on a blog about blogging  when what you do is blog about blogging really isn’t a big deal.  It’s also kind useless if the business you’re in isn’t blogging, directly, or isn’t even related to what you MAKE.

It struck me that I’ve been listening to these webinars and the reason they don’t work for me and I don’t take any action as a result is that THEY DON’T WORK FOR ME.


I blog easily about making textile art at Rugs from Rags.  I know a lot about sourcing textiles, repairing looms, and designing new colorways.  But these aren’t the topics that my BUYERS really want to read about.  Other textile artists, sure, but other artists can’t afford my work.

For guest posting, I need to be looking toward the home decor blogs, and I need to be writing about rugs and home decor, or perhaps color selection and stepping outside your comfort zone, and on a stretch, about sound attenuation by hanging rugs on your bigger walls.

Granted, doing a double handoff like that in the middle of a short free webinar designed to attract clients who aren’t sure they know how to write in the first place is a lot to ask.  That is, explaining to the listenership that it’s not quite so simple–write a guest post on Copyblogger!  Traffic will follow!  Especially if you can hit ProBlogger in the same month!  unless, of course, your business isn’t blogging.

Oh well.  You get what you pay for.

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