How Do I Start a Text Conversation?

I continue to be amazed by keyword research, courtesy of Wordtracker.

38,675 searches PER MONTH, US Google data, for some version of “how do I start a text conversation?”

I can respond to text messages.  I used to IM when we had a system at my last day job.  I have even initiated a text a time or two, but it’s simply not my preferred form of communication with my friends.

When I observe my surprise at the number of people who are searching for conversation starters for texting, however, I realize that I have made an attribution error.  I think because texters are a little more technically savvy than me, they must also be more socially sophisticated, perhaps?  I’ve made this error before in other contexts.

BTW, that number above is MINISCULE compared to the number of searches for “regular, in-person” conversation tips (within reach of a million a month).  Our technology hasn’t changed our confidence in our relationship skills very much at all.

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