Organizing Your Website Files

I recently changed a licensing arrangement I had with a provider and needed to make sure I had all of their trademarked content off this website. I was a bit at a loss–there’s a lot of content here. I use WordPress to manage it all, and WordPress does not play well with paper. I suspected there must be a way to dump my content to a flat file that I could search for any of the controlled keywords, and after asking around on forums, I found it:

Export to Text

Export to Text is a nifty little plug in that takes content and meta data from posts and pages in a WordPress site and exports them to an MS Excel *.csv file.  VERY handy.

I exported my site and spent a day or two searching for the relevant words, hunting through pages that were in draft, published, published but private, published but not linked to, and otherwise hidden from easy access.  I could mark up the paper list as I worked through each page.  Along the way, it was easy to check for <title> and <description> tags, because that information was exported.  As I went, I could make notes on the paper copy about changes, links, and rearrangements that need to happen some time in the future.

I had to ask more than a few people before I found the plugin.  Perhaps most of my WordPress friends don’t need to review all their content, or maybe they’ve found an in-app solution that works.  If you know that paper has advantages that WP doesn’t yet offer, look at Export to Text.

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