USB Chargers & Gold Paint Pens

Once more, I carefully set one of my devices to charge overnight, only to find it dead as a doornail in the morning. Why? because the mini-USB connector fits both ways, AND, because the logo for the “wall” end of the charger is on THE BOTTOM of the connector.

Why would anyone do this? Once day, I’ll ask the nice people at Blue Ant. For today, I’ll get out my gold paint pen and mark the top side of the connector.

For the record, all of my other connectors are marked this way. I saw the logo on the blue tooth charger and (silly me!) thought that the logo alone would serve to mark the top. Ha! I will never remember that in this case alone, the logo marks the bottom.

Younger readers with good eyesight may well be able to distinguish the tree-like symbol that means “top” on a USB connection, from the “arrow” on the bottom, in all kinds of light. People who buy reading glasses by the dozen will understand why it might help to mark the top. White paint would work as well as gold, I suppose, but gold marks feel a bit more luxurious, for the same price. You can buy the pens at art supply stores.

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