Have fun with social

The more I teach people how to use social media marketing to create new opportunities in their business and non-profits, the more fun it gets. Fun to teach, and fun to do.

Even Linkedin, the most businesslike (and sometimes dry) of the platforms, can be fun when approached with the right attitude.

At Red Tuxedo, I offer:

  • done-for-you social media marketing
  • small website development
  • eCommerce with Shopify stores (including buyable pins on Pinterest and selling on Facebook)
  • social media training through NCSU’s Technical Training Solutions (McKimmon Center) and the Community College system

Look around and give me a call. Would love to talk.

Social Media Marketing and Shopify

Shopify has shifted the world of eCommerce.  Now it’s easy to set up a store, under your own name, and sell products.

  • Do you have a product that would sell online?
  • Have you heard people talking about all the web traffic Pinterest is sending their way?
  • Do you think your business could possibly benefit from Pinterest traffic and/or sales?
  • Will paying attention to one more “social media” site, no matter how hot or how popular, push you over the edge completely?

My main customers are retail businesses that sell products people don’t know they need till they see them. Antique malls and antique stores, consignment stores, importers; also galleries, individual artists, and auction houses.

At Red Tuxedo, I can help you with your online internet marketing in several ways:

  • Shopify store setup, management, and coordination with Pinterest and Facebook Business.
  • Public and private classes to show you how to use the social platforms for your specific trade
  • One-on-one coaching and discussion of how you can use the appropriate social sites for your own business, including creation and set-up of an account
  • On-going management of your social media marketing, including WordPress website updates & blog posts, pins, Facebook updates, and more

Read enough?  Call me and let’s talk about it.  919 395 5148, Raleigh (New York) time zone.

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Why me?

In the marketing world, Why am I someone who can be useful to your business?  I’m an artist, with an eye trained to understand color and design, and I’ve been practicing internet marketing for my own art business and my partner’s clown business since 2009.  I’ve been using Pinterest as a marketing tool for a while now (June 27, 2012, to be exact) and I am still in awe of the traffic it can send to a website, compared to all the time I spent learning to add SEO to the sites I manage.

I recently started selling my art on a Shopify store, and I’m amazed at how much easier it is to use than any of the plugins I tested.  A Shopify store is also easier to use than the marketplaces, like Etsy or eBay.

What do I do?

When I start working with a new client, our work usually begins with a website review.  Once I understand the direction and tone for the site, we’ll also look at:

  • Email marketing, including list maintenance, website forms, and regular messages to your list
  • Website updates as needed to fixed pages (About, Directions, Our Staff, Events)
  • Regular blog posts about new items in the store
  • Pins to the Pinterest account about new items, as well as additional pins from within Pinterest that will attract the attention of potential customers
  • Facebook updates about new items in the store
  • For some clients, Houzz and SlideShare are also useful marketing sites.

If you want to know more right now, give me a call or read my bio. I’m local to Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC, and work virtually with clients around the world.

However, if you’d like to know a little more about what Red Tuxedo does and how I can help you look at your situation differently, look at Is This You to find out who really benefits from this approach.